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CipherTS is a technology solutions reseller with over 15 years of experience providing IT expertise to midsize and enterprise companies.  We specialize in infrastructure and data center security solutions.  Our partners provide successful cyber security programs that achieve business objectives through our depth and breadth of cyber security offerings, extensive capabilities and proven expertise in cyber security strategy, managed security services, incident response, risk and compliance, security consulting, training and support, integration and architecture services, and security technology.

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Collabion Charts for SharePoint - Annual License

Delightful charts for SharePoint. Simply plug-n-play!

FusionCharts XT Suite

FusionCharts Suite consists of 4 products that provides you with the most comprehensive data visualization solution in the industry — FusionCharts XT, FusionWidgets XT, FusionMaps XT and PowerCharts XT.
The 1-844-879-7840 Suspicious Activity Tech Support Scam is a Trojan from the Rogue.Tech-Support-Scam family that displays a fake Windows alert that states suspicious activity has been detected in Windows. The alert goes on to say that access to the computer has been removed due to a network breach. The reality is that this is nothing more than a fake alert that is designed to scare you into calling the phone number listed in the alert. Once a victim calls the number, the scammers will try to sell them unnecessary services and software.
Collabion is all set to serve customers in the UK, US, and Australia/New Zealand better, through 3 strategic partnerships with leading SharePoint solution providers in these regions.