Collabion Charts for SharePoint - Annual License

Delightful charts for SharePoint. Simply plug-n-play!

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Our annual license includes unlimited support, upgrades, viewers, and custom dashboards.

Please select the number of WFE Servers in your SharePoint environment. Each WFE server needs its own unique license of Collabion Charts for SharePoint.

Do you've business data stored in your SharePoint environment? Are you looking to get insights from such data, but lack of analytics & visualization tools are preventing you from achieving the same? Wish you didn't have to wait for IT to build each report, thereby saving you time? Well then, Collabion Charts for SharePoint is here, just to help you attain these!

Once installed through a point-and-click wizard, it allows any business user to create charts & dashboards, from any data source in SharePoint, without ever having to write any code at all.With over 56 chart types in 2D and 3D, support for interactive data exploration, multi-level drill-downs, automatic refreshing and much more, the charts and dashboards will create a delightful data-driven experience for you.



Works with on-premise installations of all SharePoint versions, including Foundation server

It works the same across SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2010, MOSS and WSS 3.0, including Foundation Server, without the need for PerformancePoint Server.



Easy to install. Intuitive interface. No coding required at all.

Any SharePoint administrator can use the point-and-click wizard to install Collabion Charts for SharePoint for all servers in the farm, through a single interface. Once installed, business users can use the GUI to connect to any data source in SharePoint, create and configure charts, and interactivity to them, without ever having to write a line of code.



Connects to multiple data sources

You can pull data from SharePoint Lists, Views, CSV string or files, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Excel or BCS/BDC, with the same ease of use, and use it plot any of the 56 chart types available.



Supports filtering, grouping & multi-level drill-down*

Apply logical, boolean or a wide range of date filters to your data, to get the exact data that you want for your analysis. Not only that, you can even group them (roll-up) using a different set of parameters, and then add drill-down to create a seamless dashboard experience. This allows you to slice, dice and visualize data in any way you want, irrespective of how it is originally stored in SharePoint.



Connects with Web Parts

Charts can be connected to Web Parts, allowing you to pass single or multiple values to the chart, filter chart data based on the value and show a subset of data on the chart during run-time. Charts can be connected with SharePoint OOB Filter Web Parts, SharePoint List and custom Web Parts. One-to-One and One-to-Many connections between Collabion Charts and Web Parts allow you to change the view of the underlying data and enhance the decision making process.



Interactive dashboards*

The charts are highly interactive with tooltips, single or multi-level drill-downs, Web Part connection, selective display of data and auto refresh capability, enabling a rich user experience.



Extensively customizable cosmetics

Visual aspects like fonts, colors, effects and animation of each element on the chart can be customized extensively using the wizard.